How To Delete Instagram Photos On Laptop In 2022

Instagram is a free social media application that permits you to share photos and videos from your mobile device. Like Facebook and other social media apps, users will follow other people, like, and comment on other posts. Once a post is uploaded, it is available on your Instagram account forever.

You can delete photos on each Windows & Mac computer system by utilizing Bluestacks or opening Instagram’s cell website utilizing Google Chrome’s developer tools. However, using the Instagram app, you can also delete photos on Windows 10 computers. You can’t delete various pictures at the same time in any version of Instagram. Performing any service to allow you to delete various photos is potentially a scam.

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You can also upload stories to your Instagram account. Stories remain for 24 hours, and only people who follow you can see them. Sometimes after posting an image, you might think twice and think about deleting it. You can rapidly delete Instagram photos and easily delete photos from your account. This article is all about how to delete instagram photos on laptop. 

How To Delete Instagram Photos on Laptop?

You can see PC photos, but there is no direct option to delete photos from your Instagram account on PC. There is a substitute to this, but it is better to delete it from this alternative on your phone.

Method using PC:

Step 1: Install Android Emulator on your PC. (Example: Blue Stacks)

Step 2: Open the Google Play Store and sign in with your Gmail account.

Step 3: Install the Instagram app on your PC using the emulator.

Step 4: Open Instagram on your emulator and Login with your Instagram ID and password.

Step 5: Go to the profile option on your Instagram app.

Step 6: Select the image you want to delete.

Step 7: Click on the three-dotted icons and select the “Delete” option.

Step 8: Click “Delete” again to confirm.

How to Delete Instagram Photos on Laptop Using Google Chrome?

Step 1: Understand what this process allows. While you should use this method to delete images out of your Instagram web page on a pc, you can delete multiple pictures at a time.

There’s no way to delete multiple Instagram photos at a time because Instagram has blocked any extensions, apps, or services that can be done before.

Step 2: Open a hidden window in Google Chrome. Open Chrome If it’s not already open, tap on ⋮ the window’s upper right corner and click on the new printed window in the drop-down menu.

To open any new window, you can also press Ctrl + Shift + N (Windows) or Command + Shift + N (Mac).

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Step 3: Open the Developer Tools window. Right-click on a space on the page, then tap on the Inspect in the drop-down menu. You will detect the Developer Tools window pop up on the right side of the page.

If your laptop doesn’t have separate left and right mouse buttons, push the mouse button with two fingers; press the proper facet of the button, or faucet the trackpad with two fingers.

Step 4: Click on the “Mobile Devices” icon. These are the two rectangular portraits in the upper left corner of the Developer Tools window. Hitting on it will turn the icon blue, and the Chrome window will change to display items in the mobile view.

If this icon is blue, Mobile View is already implemented.

Step 5: Go to Instagram’s website. Hit the Chrome tackle bar on the Chrome window’s high, change the textual content to, and press Enter.

Step 6: Log in to Instagram. Click the login link near the bottom of the page, write your username (or email address, or phone number) and password, and click Login.

Step 7: Click on your profile icon. This is a customized icon at the top right of the Instagram page.

Step 8: Select image. Pick a picture you want to delete, and then click on it. The image will open in high resolution.

Step 9: Click” ⋯ “It’s within the top-right nook of the photograph. A popup window will seem.

Step 10: Click Delete. This is in the popup window.

Step 11: Click Delete when prompted. This will delete the photograph from your Instagram account. The picture will not automatically vanish from the current window, but if you reload the page in the Instagram app or open your Instagram feed, your image will disappear.

You have to click on your profile icon once more to leave the photograph window.

Step 12: Redo the deletion process for each image you want to delete. For each image you want to delete, you’ll require opening it, click ⋯, double-click Delete, and then exit by clicking the profile icon.

How to delete multiple photos/posts on Instagram?

There is no option to choose and delete various photos on your Instagram account. But you can delete pictures one by one by following the steps above. If you want to delete all the images, then delete your Instagram account forever.

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In this article, we’ve discussed how to delete Instagram photos on the laptop. All the steps of deleting Instagram photos on a laptop, using Google chrome, and deleting multiple photos on Instagram are given. If you want to delete Instagram photos on your laptop, please read our article carefully. You can quickly delete Instagram photos on your laptop by reading our article. 

If you have any queries or questions, feel free to contact us. We’ll try our best to cover your queries. I hope, you enjoyed our article. 

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