How To Hold A Mouse For Gaming? – A Complete Guide 2022

If you’re a professional gamer, you might be wondering how to hold a mouse for gaming. Then you could be in the right place.

But you’re wondering, “Is it really that crucial to hold the gaming mouse in the proper way?” Yes, it is correct. If you want to surpass your opponents in FIFA 20 or PubG, then using a gaming mouse is a must. Your game performance will decrease if you don’t feel comfortable holding your gaming mouse. It’s almost always a problem when you don’t like how your gaming turns out when you can’t find the right mouse grip.

How to properly hold a mouse for gaming?

If you’ve never paid attention to how to handle a gaming mouse properly, you’re wasting a lot of time. Learning the skill of mouse handling is the first step toward playing computer games comfortably and effectively. Many people are surprised to learn that different video games demand different mouse grips. Simply by holding the mouse correctly, you may outclass your opponents in several video games. In gaming, gripping the mouse correctly is critical for rapid and accurate attacks. The gaming mouse isn’t difficult to control. For this, you must be aware of a few aspects.

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Before we go any further, it’s important to note that a standard computer mouse may still function properly if you know how to hold it in different ways for different reasons. Your fingers, on the other hand, become fatigued and agitated, even if you’re using a dedicated gaming mouse. If you don’t know how to hold a gaming mouse, this is likely to happen. There are many different types of mouse grips that you may use to improve your gaming skills. How do you hold a mouse for gaming in this article?

You’ll become familiar with the most popular mouse-holding techniques as well as their advantages. So, figure out which is the best way to hold a gaming mouse for you and your type of game, and you’ll be a pro in no time.

A brief review of how to hold a gaming mouse may be seen in the video below.


Some gamers set their mice too far away from the keyboard, facing the mouse instead of the keyboard, causing severe shoulder and neck pain. Maintain a 90-degree angle with your elbow. When you keep having to move the mouse, a mouse plate will help you keep it in the right place.

How to Hold a Gaming Mouse Properly

To type with a soft touch, wobble your gaming mouse and click lightly. If you hold your mouse tightly and forcefully, you will cause discomfort and harm to your hand and arm. If you’re not clicking the mouse button, rest your fingers on the mouse rather than flying through the air to avoid causing discomfort to your fingertips. Take your handoff if you aren’t going to use your gaming mouse for an extended period of time.


Gaming mouse use that is both competent and proficient isn’t the best way to handle a mouse. Using the system choices on your laptop, you may change the speed and size of the mouse pointer, as well as the duration between double clicks. You can’t be satisfied if your mouse pointer moves too quickly or too slowly. It also takes more moves than it should.

Proper mouse posture

A proper ergonomic mouse positioning can increase the likelihood of your hands and arms remaining injury-free and pain-free. The easiest way to handle a computer mouse is to avoid resting your forearm or wrist on the computer desk. Lifting your wrist off the counter allows you to use and move the mouse with your entire arm, reducing the risk of stressing the nerve in your wrist and causing carpal tunnel syndrome.

Styles of Mouse Grip (Best Mouse Grips)

When it comes to holding the mouse properly for gaming, there are three basic grasping methods to consider:

The palm grip is probably the most well-known grip, in which the hand and fingers are held level and flat against the mouse.

Claw Grasp: This refers to the hand’s curvature, where the knuckles are bigger than the palm grip.

Fingertip Grip: This grip is popular among gamers with large hands since the mouse is controlled by the fingers rather than the palm, as is the case with the other two grips.

Recognizing the finest mouse grip or keeping it for yourself is the first step toward figuring out how to hold a mouse for gaming. This is an unquestionably important component if you don’t want to abandon your game due to strained fingertips. It is also vital to choose a mouse that is well-suited to your hand’s grip.

However, how can you know which mouse grip is optimal for you or which one you’re presently using?

The paragraphs that follow explain the most common ways to handle a computer mouse. You’ll find out what their benefits are and how these grips may turn you into a true gaming beast. Without further ado, let’s find out which mouse grip is perfect for you.


The most basic and least taxing method for moving about and grabbing a mouse is to hold it in your hand. It is placed from the base of your palm to the bottom of the gaming mouse, with even fingers stretched to cover the entire mouse.

For gamers with lengthy fingertips, this is the best gaming mouse method. Gamers with shorter and smaller fingers will find it difficult to grasp or grip the gaming mouse in this manner since they will be unable to reach the buttons. They will also experience hand strain if used for longer periods or if they play games for lengthy periods. It won’t operate honorably with the cursor for an on-the-spot reaction when minor changes are made.


When you read the name, you’ll notice that the gripping method is similar to that of a claw. As you take control of the mouse buttons, you’ll notice that your fingertips are rounded. During a game, the middle and index fingers are typically used to press the mouse buttons. Some “abnormal” players, on the other hand, use the index ring finger. When all factors are considered, both combinations provide similar outcomes.

Those who employ the claw grip and have larger palms or longer fingers must use their aid to smooth out any variances in their video gaming effectiveness. Consumers may have more liberty with the other three fingers due to fewer restrictions. If your mouse contains any more buttons, this claw grip may provide you with more flexibility and the ability to click them. Your wrist is more relaxed when you use this strategy (claw grip).


This method makes the most of your fingertips to handle the mouse buttons without having to cover the mouse with your palm. This approach, which is similar to the palm grip, facilitates speedier reactions. When it comes to video games that need quick movements, this strategy produces quick and effective outcomes. During their video gaming sessions, the majority of professional players use this method. It’s a unique approach employed by players, and it excels in video games that need aggressive characteristics, such as shooting.

An average gaming mouse is lighter and more plane than a standard mouse for fingertip grasp. designed to allow gamers to easily control the additional buttons on their mouse for their avatars’ actions. Switching controllers with fast motions might be difficult for a new player at first. Those who used this method were able to do so quickly due to muscle memory. To say this, a professional gamer accomplishes this in the same way that a machine performs breathing in a frenzy. Players, on the other hand, get proficiency via a lot of practice.

For pro-gamers who have recently perfected their palm grip method, this will take some time to get acclimated to. Initial rounds were challenging and unpleasant due to the flat surface of the palm grip method. Don’t worry, it will get easier and easier as time goes on. You’ll notice some gains in your accuracy and movement development for tiny motions as you get the hang of it.

Building each skill and honing your abilities in dealing with your fingertip grasp and palm grip may also help you manage more significant actions.

Last Thoughts

That concludes our experts’ essay on “how to handle a mouse for gaming.” Each position has its own unique approach to speed, accessibility, and functionality. While it may seem more convenient to do “whatever works for you,” this is unlikely to be the case if your objective is to become a professional gamer. New players are perplexed as to which sort of gripping strategy to use. To begin with, it’s ideal to start with your hands. As previously said, there are a few factors to consider when deciding how to handle a mouse ergonomically.

Because of poor hand or finger posture, you may have numbness in your wrists, fingertip tension, and even physical ailments as a result of continual pressure. If you have wrist tension and pain from playing for lengthy periods of time, switching to a palm grip may help you relieve the strain on your wrist. If you’re playing a first-person shooter, you’ll need to use a claw grip. Fingertip grip is the best alternative for gamers who have lengthy fingertips.

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