Why Some Keys Not Working On Hp Laptop Keyboard In 2021

Some keys not working on hp laptop keyboard

Some keys not working on hp laptop keyboard

HP offers good quality laptops with solid built and high-end specifications. Mostly, HP laptops do not have technical issues but machines are always vulnerable to defects and something can go wrong anytime.

Some users claim that they are facing trouble while using their HP keyboard. Obviously, without a fully functional keyboard, you cannot have a smooth working experience. Some of the non-functional keys on the HP laptop can be fixed easily. So, if some keys aren’t working on HP laptop keyboard then here’s what you need to know to fix your laptop keyboard.


Some effective ways can be helpful to fix non-operating keys on HP laptops. They are listed as follow:

  1. Reinstall Keyboard’s Drivers
  2. Adjust Keyboard Settings
  3. Update Keyboard Drivers
  4. Cleaning Keyboard
  5. Reseat Laptop Battery


If some keys aren’t working on HP laptop keyboard then there might be issues with your keyboard’s drivers. So, it’s a better option to reinstall keyboard drivers to check if the issues are resolved or not.

Follow these steps to uninstall keyboard’s drivers:

STEP # 1: Click on ‘Start Button’ at the bottom left corner of the screen.

STEP # 2: Click on ‘Device Manager’ to open it.

STEP # 3: Locate ‘Keyboards’ and double click on it.

STEP # 4: Now right click on your ‘Keyboard’ and click on the ‘Uninstall’ tab to uninstall device drivers.

STEP # 5: After completing the process ‘Restart’ your laptop.

After a Restart, your device will automatically install the keyboard driver. Check now, if your keyboard’s keys work properly. If not, then try another fixing process.


Windows has a feature called ‘filter key’ for users who have hand tremors. This feature regulates the keyboard to ignore repeated keystrokes to provide a better typing experience. The ‘Filter keys’ facility was given to serve users but can annoy people who don’t need them. Also, if some keys aren’t working on HP laptop keyboard this feature might be the reason.

You can disable Filter keys feature by following these steps.

STEP # 1: Press the ‘Window logo key’ on your keyboard. Then type ‘filter’ in the bar.

STEP # 2: Click on ‘Filter out Repeated Unintentional Keystrokes’ and turn the toggle switch to ‘OFF’.

STEP # 3: Check your keyboard keys to see whether the issue is sorted or not.

NOTE: The above-mentioned steps are for Windows 10 and Windows 8 users.

If you are a Windows 7 user then the steps to disable filter keys are slightly different. Simply press the ‘Window logo key’ on your keyboard and type ‘filter’. Then click on ‘Ignore repeated keystrokes using filter keys. Un-tick ‘turn on filter keys’ and click ‘Apply’>>’OK’. Check your non-functioning keyboard keys to make sure that they are working properly. On the off chance that they are still non-operational, then move to the next fix.

Update Keyboard Drivers:

Keyboard keys sometimes do not work properly due to outdated drivers. Also, if there’s a wrong keyboard driver in your laptop, then some keyboard keys cannot work properly. So, to fix issues you should update drivers.

Follow the instructions to update the keyboard’s driver in your HP laptop.

STEP # 1: Click on ‘Start’ and enter ‘Device Manager’ by selecting it.

STEP # 2: In Device Manager’, browse the drop down list until you see ‘Keyboards’. Expand it by right clicking.

STEP # 3: Select ‘Properties’ from the list and go to ‘Drivers’.

STEP # 4: Click on ‘Update Driver’ option and wait until OS finds a new driver and installs it.

Test your keyboard by typing in any application like Notepad and MS-WORD. Luckily if your non-functional keys work, stop the fixing process. Otherwise, try another one.

In case you don’t know how to install drivers or don’t have much time then no worries, but still want Driver Easy is there to serve you. Driver Easy automatically recognizes your system and installs necessary drivers within no time. You just have to Download and Install this application and Scan your system. It’ll auto-detect all problematic drivers. Simply click ‘Update All’ button to update drivers. It is available in both trial and pro versions.


Sometimes keyboard keys malfunction because some sort of dirt of grime is stuck inside them, so cleaning is necessary. Any standard keyboard is easy to clean but laptop’s keyboards require extreme care while cleaning.

For a cleaning keyboard that is mounted inside the laptop, don’t just shake or tap at the back with pressure because it can damage the entire device. First, shut down your HP laptop and remove the AC adapter if it’s plugged in. Wait for the device to cool down a bit. After that turn your laptop upside down with care and tap on the base gently. Then take a cotton tab and move it across all the keys to remove remaining dirt.

NOTE: This trick cannot solve technical issues but will help if dirt or debris is preventing the keyboard’s keys to work properly.


According to some customers, reseating the laptop battery has sorted out their issues related to non-functioning keys. So, if some keys aren’t working on HP laptop keyboard try this method once.

HINT: If you don’t know to remove your HP battery then first read out device manual or user guide to any avoid damage.

To reseat a laptop battery, first power off HP laptop and unplug the charger if it is connected. Take out the battery carefully without damaging its clips and wait for few seconds. Then recharge your laptop fully and turn it on and test the keys to see if the issue is resolved or not.

BONUS TIP: After reseating battery, you can perform a quick keyboard test. Simply turn off your HP laptop and turn it back on. While the system is boosting, immediately press Esc key and hold it. A menu will appear on the screen. Press F2 key. You’ll see a main menu on the screen. Click ‘Component test and keyboard’. Right after clicking, a test will run, diagnose the system and will pop up the issues with keys.


Try any of the above-mentioned fixes to resolve the issue if some keys aren’t working on HP laptop keyboard. If all the fixes fail then there might be some sort of hardware issues in your keyboard. Try to replace this faulty keyboard or consult hardware professionals.

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