What To Do With Old Laptops – The 5 Amazing Idea Tips 2021

Are you one of those individuals who just have upgraded the laptop and thinking of what to do with the previous one? Well, you have landed at the right place.

In case you are looking to clutter out the old laptop, what to do with it depends upon your mindset, the age of your working tool, and the amount of space and time that you own. Well, to help you out in this procedure we have gathered some recommendations so that you can make a wise decision with your old laptop.

What To Do With Old Laptops – The 10 Amazing Idea Tips 2021

What To Do With Old Laptops – The 5 Amazing Idea Tips 2021

Let’s have a look at what to do with old laptops!


If you have a spare old laptop at home then the best solution is to use it as a guest computer at home without sacrificing your primary working tool. Yes, this is the best laptop’s act if you have upgraded your laptop and looking for effective utilization of old one. Leave your old laptop for family and visitors and use your new device with full zeal and zest on your own.

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Recycling is another solution if you are looking to get rid of your old machine. Don’t just throw your laptop out, rather recycle it with environmentally friendly solutions because electronic gadgets contain environmentally toxic materials.

Every city contains local recycling centers so send your laptop there. In case your recycling center isn’t operational try any other alternative to do so.


In order to get rid of your old laptop, you can simply outright sell it or trade-in. This process is quite appealing for many individuals but the returns depend upon the laptop’s age and specifications. Also, the condition of the laptop is a crucial factor to get maximum returns.

Trade-in of laptops usually offers the most value in return and in the case of selling or buybacks, the end-users usually pay attention to specifications. The choice is yours…!


Donating your old gadgets is another wise decision when you are looking forward to the effective utilization of laptops and gadgets. People who have limited access to technology may be in need of tech gadgets, so you can your laptop to them. Nationwide donation programs exist for needy students and people so you can contact such organizations.


Don’t forget to wipe your data from the laptop you are donating. Follow the steps to do so:

  • Go to the Settings of your PC.
  • Visit Update And Security option.
  • Go to the Recovery icon.
  • Go to Reset The PC option.
  • Reset your device and remove everything.

Also, you can use any third-party app to clean your device.


While thinking about what to do with my old PC, you can think about reusing it. Yes, you can reuse your old laptop to handle your excessive workflows. Using the laptop in this way doesn’t require a hardware upgrade until and unless your laptop is too bad.

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I hope all the active suggestions are enough to think about what to do with the old laptop? Use any of the above-mentioned methods.

In case you have any other better options let us know in the comment section below.

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