Will PS4 Controllers Work On PS5?

Do you own a PS4 and thinking if its accessories can work with the upcoming PS5?

A lot of people are interested in this because they have spent a lot of money on PS4 controllers and want to use them on future games as well.

This article will answer the most frequently asked question these days: Will PS4 controllers function on PS5? To learn more about this, we’ll also go through the following topics:

  • Compatibility with the PlayStation 4 controller
  • The Controller for PlayStation 5
  • Will PS4 games work on PS5?
  • Interoperability of game consoles

The average customer buys a game system and keeps it for 5 to 10 years. People who just acquired a PS4 have spent hundreds of dollars on the system and peripherals, and they are now concerned about missing out on the newest forthcoming console. Sony has previously given cross-compatibility between its new and old goods, but technological advancements may imply that the PS5 will function on a completely separate architecture. Let’s take a look at the scenario given the facts we have so far.

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First, we must explore the new PS5 controller in order to have a better understanding of its operation and characteristics. The new controller is named “DualSense,” whereas the previous controllers were dubbed “DualShock.” It sports a two-tone colour scheme and a slightly curved design towards the grip points, which distinguishes it from PS4 controllers. It has a new trigger mechanism that adapts to the input of the user. It also contains a haptic feedback mechanism, which is absent from the new PS4 controllers. It helps you experience sensations like wind blowing or surface undulation in a more realistic way during gameplay.

The PS5 controller is a little heavier than its predecessor to accommodate all of the upgraded components. It is USB Type C compatible, and the buttons have been redesigned.


DualShock is the name of the PS4 compatible controller. The design was quite similar to the PS2 and PS3 controllers, although this device had several novel features. To begin with, a trackpad with a touch interface was created, which could be used as a button in a variety of ways. However, because of its latency and inaccuracy in many scenarios, this was not well received by the public. The controller contained trigger-style L2 and R2 buttons, which substantially boosted the rumbling effect. A “Share” button has been introduced to allow you to share your games on the Internet right away.

A new PS4 controller costs between $60 and $70 these days. This is a significant investment for a single controller, which is why consumers want them to be compatible with subsequent systems.


Now we’ll go over some key features regarding both controllers. To begin, we must note that the internal mechanisms of the PS4 and PS5 controllers are identical. Sony does not divulge specific data about the internal components, although the basic systems are not that dissimilar. To assist with the enhanced haptic feedback technology, the DualSense controller includes improved motors, sensors, and actuators. There are no compatibility issues because the real trigger buttons and front buttons are the same as in earlier controllers. People who have used PS4 controllers want to know how to use them on the PS5 in order to avoid wasting them.

According to official information, there’s a 90% probability that PS4 controllers won’t function with PS5. There are a few important reasons behind this. Sony does not want anyone to use the PS5 without first paying the fee and putting in the effort. After 7 years of study, it is releasing the all-new DualSense controller, and it wants users to notice the differences, even if they aren’t visible. After all, what good would it do the corporation if users could readily use their PS4 controllers on the PS5? The purpose of presenting the new design and features will be rendered moot.

Users should not be discouraged, however, because there are several ways to achieve your goals in this technological age. Sony asserts that the PS3 controllers are incompatible with the PS4. Many people, however, are utilising them on PS4s, and there are multiple tips available to show you how. Some believe it can be linked to the console through Bluetooth, while others claim to utilise converters to connect older controllers to newer consoles. In the current situation, the same may be done.


Scuf Gaming’s PS4 controller is a customisable controller. It was created in order to customise the gadget to the demands of the users. The trigger buttons have a new feel, while the backside features standard controls (forward, back, reverse, stop), giving the gamer a second alternative. Joystick materials may also be altered, and new colour combinations can be chosen. Scuf controllers are compatible with both the PS4 and Xbox. The current SUF PS4 controllers are unlikely to operate with PS5, but the manufacturer will undoubtedly produce them for the next system whenever it is released.


Yes, PlayStation 4 games will be compatible with the PlayStation 5, according to Sony. According to official PlayStation blogs, in the initial phase, around 100 popular PS4 titles will be compatible with the PS5. As the new console is released and user input is obtained, this figure will rise. Because the PS5 has a much quicker CPU and better graphics, it will be fascinating to see how these titles function on it. As a result, even if your PS4 compatible controller doesn’t function on PS5, you’ll still be able to play your favourite games at a far higher level.

Final Words

Can you use a PS4 controller on a PS5? This was a topic that many people had in their thoughts. Although nothing can be guaranteed until the PS5 is introduced, we can anticipate solutions to be created that will allow players to play on the new platform with their existing PS4 controllers. Sony is unlikely to state that prior controllers would be compatible with the PS5 because it would contradict their commercial model.

However, with technological advancements, players may now experiment with these consoles in a variety of ways. The same is likely to happen with PS5. The good news is that PS4 games will still work on PS5, which will come as a comfort to anyone who just purchased the prior device.

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